MyDreamVR is a VR studio focused on making immersive experiences, games and software.

Look for the MyDreamVR team at SVVR San Jose Wed-Fri (Booth 424)

Virtual Room Simulator with 360 Desktop
VR Toolbox  combines home entertainment in one VR toolset: gaming, media, multitasking, streaming, space customization. 
  • Create your own massive screens to operate your PC and gaming, combining live streaming, social elements, and native Twitch integration.
  • Create and personalize your VR space with built-in props and rooms, drag-and-drop functionality, and personal images to easily decorate your environment.
  • Play local files or YouTube360 in 4K with one click to experience 360-degree video entertainment.
  • Engage Focus Mode to boost immersion and readability, easily switching between screens.
  • Blended Reality offers seamless real-world observation in your VR experiences (Vive only). Additional webcam screens provide area awareness.
  • Fast performance and low overhead frees your system resources for where you need them.
 VR Toolbox requires hand controllers.

For a full list of features please go to:

Available now on Steam. Free fully functioning demo available now!

Visit us March 28,29, 30 at SVVR @ San Jose Convenion Center

In a world of endless sweets, one kid takes a stand.
Finally a game in VR for the whole entire family! After opening yet another bag of his favorite candy. Blip, popped just one too many EXTREME ENERGY SUGAR WISPS.  After lapsing into a sugar coma. Something very odd began to happen...

He now finds himself at the center of a magical candy island. He befriends the marshmallow children, and the energy wisps that power the rock candy.

But the Chomps are invading! They have come to snack on the great rock candy, the source of life for all the creatures of Candy Island.

If Blip doesn't stop them, ALL SHALL PERISH