MyDreamVR is a VR studio focused on making immersive experiences, games and software.

LightVR Launches, Steam Launch Sale Sept 14th-21st

Virtual Room Simulator with 360 Desktop
Have you always wanted to customize your virtual room like your home office, outer space, be immersed in an enchanted forest , feel warm and cozy like in granny's living room or decorate your virtual room with your favorite posters and Persian rug--with all the convenience of having a 360 VR desktop? This is our dream and fantasy and we hope it's yours too.  While we continue to add and build features, we invite you to check it out during Early Access starting September 14, 2016 on Steam.

MyDreamVR to Launch Siege Hammer: October 1, 2016

Are you the Hammer or the Anvil?
Siege Hammer is tower defense in VR like never before, up close and personal. Players take on the role of Blip, a tiny armor-clad hero who must defend his castles from the crush of elemental invaders.

Through Blip, players smite their enemies with his mighty Siege Hammer, build defenses, and collect resources. In wave after wave the enemies become more determined. Blip will soon discover whether he is the hammer, or the anvil.

Phase I will be rolled out in Early Access October 1 and Phase II will unlock the islands to reveal creative, sandbox functionality to build the castle of your dream.